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Open Source Projects

Tux the PenguinLoki is committed to promoting open source development. In that regard, we will be initiating and supporting open source projects, and this page will serve as the focal point of those activities.

Since we have gotten a lot out of the open source community, we intend to give as much back as we can. We invite you to participate and help make a difference. Join us in making open source work!

Here is an overview of the open source projects we are supporting:

Discussion Forums

We have a series of discussion groups dedicated to our open source projects. Get in touch with other developers of open-source. Its the best thing since sliced transitors. Here is a list of currently active news groups:

OpenAL loki.open-source.openal
Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) loki.open-source.sdl
SDL MPEG Player Library loki.open-source.smpeg
SDL Motion JPEG Library loki.open-source.smjpeg
Fenris Bugtracking System loki.open-source.fenris
Setup Installer Utility loki.open-source.setup
Loki Patch Tools loki.open-source.setup

Open Source Projects

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