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Fenris Online Bugtracking System

Our second Open Source project is the Fenris Online Bugtracking System. Be sure to return to this site for news and updates as the project progresses.

Fenris (which you can see in action at http://fenris.lokigames.com/) is a database-linked, website-oriented bugtracking system that serves users by allowing them to submit bugs found in software directly to developers while also tracking the status of the work on those bugs. Developers also benefit by having an organized system for getting input from users and having a large pool of feedback for quality assurance. Fenris is based on the Bugzilla project from the Mozilla codebase. For more information, look at the Fenris page.

Fenris differs from Bugzilla in several ways:

Download Fenris

You can download a tarball archive of the source code for Fenris at http://fenris.lokigames.com/fenris-code.tar.gz.

Send comments or questions to fenris@lokigames.com.

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