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Civilization: Call to Power

The return of a classic! Civilization: Call to Power is the latest in the line of the "Civilization" games. Build up your civilization from the dawn of the Stone Age until it reaches for the stars--and beyond.

Through conquest, cooperation, skulduggery and innovation, you can build a civilization for the ages--or land on the scrapheap of history. If you're feeling invincible, you can test your mettle online or over a network against multiple players. For strategy game fans, this is a must-have.

Now Activision's classic is available for Linux from Loki. Ported to Linux 2.x and glibc2, and with its own open-source MPEG player from Loki, Civilization: Call to Power will enthrall you with its graphics and interactive play.


If you'd like to talk about Civilization: Call to Power for Linux, meet with other players, or challenge other players to a tournament, then head on over to our newsgroups. Here's a list to get you started:

Civ Tournament loki.games.civ-ctp.tournament
Discussion and support loki.games.civctp

Minimum system requirements
Linux Kernel Linux kernel 2.0.x or 2.2.x and glibc-2.x
Processor Pentium 133 MHz, PowerPC 133MHz or Alpha Processor
CD-ROM 4-speed CD-ROM drive
RAM 32 MB required; 80 MB swap
Sound OSS compatible sound card
Hard disk Minimum 400 MB free disk space
Video X Window System ; 16-bit color
Misc Internet connection (for Internet play) ; Network card (for net play)

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