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11.30.2000 Thank you to the thousands who applied to participate in the Tribes 2 beta test. We have now selected and notified the lucky 100 who will help test this game.
Don't despair if you didn't make the team -- you'll have another opportunity soon with Deus Ex! Update or renew your online registration form to confirm your interest in this game, and share your excitement on the newly-formed Deus Ex newsgroup.

11.29.2000 Today we release the first update for the classic solitaire game suite Eric's Ultimate Solitaire. Download the patch here.

11.22.2000 Loki has plenty to be thankful for: Soldier of Fortune was recently honored with a Linux Journal 2000 Editors' Choice Award for Best Game. Download the demo here, and feel compelled to buy it here.

11.09.2000 Today we officially announce we've been working on the Linux version of Tribes 2. For more information on this exciting first-person real-time action game, visit the Sierra Studios site or our own Tribes 2 page.

11.08.2000 Revisited - Today we release several software updates: Unreal Tournament v436, Heavy Gear II 1.0b, Descent 3 v1.4.0a and SimCity 3000 Unlimited 2.0. Go to the respective product pages for download information. Enjoy!

11.07.2000 Read the Soldier of Fortune for Linux review by Lee Anderson on GamesMania.

11.01.2000 Check out the "Another Halloween Document" piece by Loki programmer Ryan Gordon on Linux.com and the subsequent Slashdot discussion here.

11.01.2000 We and QERadiant.com have released GtkRadiant 1.1 beta for Win32 and Linux. GtkRadiant is a cross-platform version of the Quake III Arena level editor derived and improved from Q3Radiant. For details visit the QERadiant site or our own Linux SDK page.

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