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August 1999 News

8.30.99 We're excited to announce that we are participating in the Linux Demo Day '99! We are sending participating Linux user groups copies of the Myth II demo to demonstrate that Linux isn't just for servers anymore. For more info about the Linux Demo Day, see http://www.linuxdemo.org/.

8.27.99 Ever wanted to be a walking billboard for Loki? Now is your chance to wear the pinnacle of geek chic and boost your favorite game maker! We're now taking orders for Loki World Tour '99 T-shirts for US$15 plus shipping and handling--or free shipping with your game order. Check out the order page for more details--and thanks for your support!

8.25.99 If you're lusting after a copy of Myth II: Soulblighter, and want to get it for free, then take part in Games Weekly Magazine's online contest! They are giving away copies of everybody's favorite slice'n'dice fantasy adventure for Linux. Check out their website for more details.

8.24.99 We've heard from many of you about requests for games to be ported to Linux. Now we've provided you with a forum where you can suggest, beg, demand, cajole or (as we prefer) bribe us into getting your favorite game on your favorite OS. Got a game request? Then use that mouse acceleration and visit loki.requests now!

8.19.99 Read what our fearless leader, Loki President Scott Draeker, has to say about Loki, Linux and Linux gaming at the Orange County Register. There's even a picture of his charming visage amongst our lovingly hand-crafted products. Get your freshly squeezed Loki scuttlebutt here -- and check out what everyone else is saying about us on the Loki in the News page.

8.17.99 For all you Myth II players, we've been working on the demo version for x86 (a PowerPC version is coming soon) to fix some problems with the keyboard, networking and general "blam" issues. The new version of the demo should be making its way to the mirrors as you read this. To get the demo, check out the Myth II demo page.

8.11.99 We're pleased to announce that we've been selected as "Best of Show: Entertainment" at the LinuxWorld Expo and we have also won a LinuxWorld Editors Choice Award for our product Civilization: Call to Power! You can read the list of "Show Favorite" winners here and the Editors Choice winners here.

8.7.99 Looking to discuss our games, get help, or share tips and tricks? We've opened up newsgroups for you! You'll find a list of the current newsgroups from Loki on the support page or point your news client to news://news.lokigames.com/. Stop on by and say hello!

8.7.99 We've released a new version of our open source MPEG player, SMPEG 0.2.7. You can get the latest version on the development page.

8.3.99 Come and see us at the LinuxWorld Expo on August 9 - 12 at the San Jose Convention Center! We'll be raffling off a 3dfx Voodoo3 3000 card and a copy of Myth II: Soulblighter each day of the expo. Just look for us at booth 1140! Read more about it on the events page.

8.3.99 We're pleased to announce that our release of Civilization: Call to Power has been chosen as a Finalist for the first-ever LinuxWorld Editors' Choice Award! Many thanks to our supporters, beta testers and to all the people who helped make Civ:CTP for Linux happen. You can find a complete list of the finalists here. If you're going to be at the LinuxWorld Expo on August 11, be sure to stop by the awards ceremony, which will be after the Show Favorites ceremony starting at noon. See you there!

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