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6.28.01 Want to write the games Linux people play? Check out Programming Linux Games, a new book written by the very masters at Loki! Filled with real-world tips and examples, the book covers everything from graphics to environmental audio, Internet multiplayer, even installation scripts.

Don't be the only developer without a copy! Coming soon to the Loki Store, or available from No Starch Press.

6.26.01 We release the first patch for Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri Planetary Pack. Highlights include the addition of Voice Over IP support and support for the PPC and Alpha! You may download this update with the Loki Update tool.

6.25.01 Read German? Check out Magazin42's SMAC review. Can't read German? Scott Draeker's interview with Tribes-2.de is in German, too, but also features English translations.

6.21.01 We are excited to announce that Rune is now shipping, and the Rune demo is now available. Grab it now!

6.18.01 Today we release version 0.4.4 of SMPEG, our Open Source, general purpose MPEG video/audio player for the Linux OS. We also announce updates to our Loki Demo Launcher and to the demo for Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. Enjoy!

6.18.01 Read a review and interview on SMAC on Tech-Junkie.com. Read German? Check out the MindRover review on LinuxUser.

6.15.01 Shoppers! News! Rune ships on June 20. Pre-order now. New bundle: Rune and MindRover just $44.95. SMAC-Tribes2 bundle ($59.95) ends June 30, hurry! All for Linux and all for fun.

6.11.01 Read Italian? Check out the Heretic II review on Nextgame.

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