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June 1999 News

6.29.99 We proudly announce a new version of SMPEG, our open source MPEG video player.

6.28.99 Here's your chance to talk to Loki. Go ahead, ask us anything! We appreciate this opportunity on "The Linux Show" to respond live. See below for details.

6.26.99 Catch President Scott Draeker, Lead Programmer Sam Lantinga, Programmer Michael Vance and others from the Loki team on the next live episode of "The Linux Show" on Tuesday, June 29. Listen live on www.TTalk.com, call in on 888-591-tech, or chat on IRC.PINNATEL.COM:6665 #linuxshow.The program will start at 6:00 pm pacific, 8:00 pm central, 9:00 pm eastern time, 1:00am GMT. Join the fun!

We just received word from a customer that they purchased the game at a Fry's in the San Francisco Bay Area.

6.25.99 More sightings at Walden Software, and more great press on Next Generation Online.

6.21.99 Good news all around. There have been Civ:CTP for Linux sightings at stores across the country. We've heard that several Electronics Boutiques in the Boston area are already sold out!

6.21.99 We're happy to report that we've contracted an artist/Linux dude to redesign our website.

6.20.99 More mainstream press! See a thorough article on Linux and the Gaming Community on Gamecenter.com.

6.12.99 We're in the mainstream gaming press. See a long interview with Loki president Scott Draeker on The Adrenaline Vault.

6.12.99 We are proud to announce that lead programmer Sam Lantinga will speak at the upcoming Ottawa Linux Symposium. Loki is a sponsor of this very worthwhile conference.

6.11.99 The beta test for Myth II: Soulblighter begins!

6.10.99 The 1.1 patch for Civilization: Call to Power is now available from our support page! The readme lists the many enhancements and bug fixes. PPC users, the beta version of the PPC 1.1 patch is also on our support page. Enjoy!

6.1.99 The rumors are true. We are now selecting the beta testers for the Linux version of Myth II: Soulblighter. We are selecting 50 from the list of users whom we were unable to use for Civilization: Call to Power, and adding a few of the testers who contributed many reports and sleepless nights to that cause. At the rate we're going, everyone else won't have to wait too long for the real deal!

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