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4.23.01 In other news, see a review of Tribes 2 in German Linux User and Rune previews on both Linux.com and Linuxgames.com.

4.19.01 Let's put those rumors to rest with an interview with Loki president Scott Draeker on ITWorld and an interview with Linux Weekly News.

4.19.01 Tribes 2 ships today, one day later than we had originally announced. That makes it the least delayed product in Loki's history! :) Order Tribes 2 now!

4.18.01 Civilization: Call to Power for Linux has won the Jolt-Award from PC-Magazin. Congratulations to Sam Lantinga and Matt Carlson for their innovative and still-honored work on this first commercial Linux game.

And the honors keep on coming... SMPEG is an Editor's Pick for Video MPEG Editors and Encoders by SoftLandIndia.

4.11.01 Great news! Both Tribes 2 and Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri Planetary Pack will ship next week! Click here to read our teaser and learn about the special deals on these great games, and look at a list of resellers. Our own webstore will be updated within 48 hours.


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