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2.28.2000 We have received word from Steven Ginzburg that this version of lxrun is for Solaris 8 for x86 (Intel) only. Future versions of lxrun will run our games on all versions of Solaris. Stay tuned!

2.24.2000 Some good news for all Solaris users. Mike Sullivan has found that a program called lxrun will play Loki games under Solaris. Download lxrun here.

2.24.2000 The University of Southern California Linux Users Group is hosting a Linux 3D and Games Seminar tonight. It starts at 6:30pm in SAL-101 on the University Park Campus. There will be giveaways including Loki games, Linux CDs and t-shirts. Swing by if you're in the area! Read more here.

2.24.2000 Michael Sleap of Happy Puppy has posted an interesting article on Linux gaming, both open source and commercial. Read it here.

2.23.2000 Reviews of our games are all over the web! GameBoyz has covered Railroad Tycoon II, Linux Games has examined Heroes of Might and Magic III, and LinuxWorld has written about Heretic II. Enjoy!

2.17.2000 If you missed the LinuxWorld Expo, there is an extensive report about gaming on Linux at the Expo (featuring a certain beloved gaggle of Loki denizens) over at LinuxGames. Go on, do it--have a look!

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