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Frequently Asked Questions about Loki

What does Loki do?
We port best selling games to the Linux OS.

Why are you doing this?
Because we think World Domination should be fun.

What games are you shipping now?
Check out our Products page for a current list of products now shipping.

How do you sell the games?
We sell them in shrink wrapped boxes on retail shelves in North America and throughout Europe, and through many online vendors. We also take orders on our website. You can also see our list of resellers and distributors.

Do you localize your games? Will there be XYZ language versions?
Linux is an international phenomenon, and we will distribute the localized versions of the games we port that the publisher created for the original title. Where feasible, the text and speech will be in discrete files so that our users will be able to create their own localizations. We'll host those localizations on our site.

How do you support your games?
We provide technical support for all of our products through a central source, including Fenris (our bug tracking database), Web-based FAQs, email, product newsgroups, fax and phone support.

What Linux distribution do you use as a base? Do you include an installation wizard to support many distributions?
We would like to support at least the major distributions, but many of the details still need to be worked out. We have released an Alpha version of Civilization: Call to Power, and are exploring the possibility of Sparc support; thanks to our partnership with Terra Soft Solutions, we will also be supporting the PowerPC whenever feasible. Linux is growing, changing and adapting to users needs on a daily basis. We'll keep pace with the current industry standards and work with publishers and game distributors to produce quality products that respond to users needs as closely as possible.

Do you support OS/2, BeOS or other UN*X operating systems?
We are an Open Source company, and the BeOS is not Open Source. We are, however, working with the FreeBSD folks to make sure their Linux compatibility libraries support our games.

Does Loki have any single processor machines in its office?
Yes, we have a number of Macs and Window boxes for testing purposes. :-)

Will your games be open source?
We would like to, but this is a tough sell to traditional publishers -- as you might imagine. We will, however, make open source any tools we develop in the course of porting the games. See our development page for more information.

This sounds great! Games on Linux -- what can I do to help?
Buy our games! Not only does that let us hire more programmers, but in addition, there are some publishers from whom you'll never see any Linux support until sales reach a minimum level. I can promise you this: if we get the sales, you'll get the games.

Are you a public corporation? If so, on what exchange and what is your stock symbol?
Our stock is not publicly traded, and it is unlikely this will change any time soon. While we are interested in hearing from qualified investors, we are sadly unable to entertain any small investments. This is primarily a result of U.S. federal and California state securities regulations, which make it prohibitively difficult to sell unregistered securities to most private investors.

More about Loki

For more about us, see the about page and the contact page.

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